The highest level of safety is paramount for each and every project we undertake.

Whether working in a confined underground space or at the top of a 12-storey building, our qualified operatives are able to utilise the right equipment and tools for the job, while maintaining a controlled and safe environment.

Our methods allow us a productive and effective workflow while keeping our health and safety ethos intact. We also undertake a series of strict environmental and community impact assessments that reflect our respectful stance towards the natural environment and our keenness to employ a Code of Considerate Practice, designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements.


Aspect Four Demolition undertakes the safe encapsulation, removal and disposal of asbestos-based materials. When a site requires remediation, an action plan is developed to offer the client the best outcome, meeting the expectations of the local regulator while at the same time representing the best value for money.

Our portfolio in the survey and removal of asbestos is varied, and includes public and private sector projects. This experience has brought us a high level of expertise in working on all types of demolition sites.

Where necessary, Aspect Four Demolition have built asbestos enclosures in some of the most difficult and inaccessible locations. All staff are fully equipped with the latest PPE to ensure we not only meet but exceed legislative requirements.



Working closely with the client and their professional team, we can undertake either partial clearance of an interior, or completely strip and cut as required a complete town centre office building back to its original structural frame, ready for refitting for whatever purpose.

Recognising the importance of health and safety and the environmental impact works have on the surrounding area, we monitor projects to ensure that the effects of dust, noise, vibration and vehicle movement are kept to an absolute minimum. Where necessary, we utilise specialist machinery, sound protection systems, limited working periods, hand deconstruction and specialist community liaison personnel.



The material from demolished buildings is often crushed and used as hardcore or landfill. But for many sites, the sorting of material and its correct disposal is a vital part of the demolition process and, when carried out correctly, can result in cost savings from reuse and/or resale.


Asset recovery plays an important role in the demolition process. With the increasing value of raw items, it has become more important than ever to maximise the return for any client with the efficient removal and sale of redundant assets.

Having identified them, we would assess whether the items can be redeployed for other purposes, or sold.

Fire escapes, lifts, windows, steel and railings are just a few of the items that can be resold or scrapped to credit the client and mitigate the cost of a project.



In conjunction with our advisors we review the environmental impact of all our clients’ projects to ensure that the site is fit for development and has no negative inpact on surrounding areas.

When a site requires remediation an action plan is developed that offers the client the best result, meeting the expectations of the local regulator while at the same time offering the best value for money.


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