Demolition works of a three-storey building as a frst stage of an ofce-led ten floor redevelopment at 73-77 Commercial Road which
included Turner House.

The scope of works covered security hoarding, scaffold implementation, asbestos removal, soft-strip, manual and mechanical structural demolition, party wall exploratory and remedial works.

Due to the building’s location and adjoining buildings, the 1st weeks work entailed soft-strip and asbestos removal. The second week we installed the scaffold and hoarding to allow for structural demolition to commence. 
Two of the three shops where constructed of a reinforced concrete frame with pot floors, with the other constructed from brick walls with a steel frame and timber floors. This meant the project consisted of both manual and mechanical demolition. Once all asbestos was removed and the building was stripped out, excavators were lifted to roof level via a mobile crane and proceeded to break out the concrete floors while operatives manually demolished the timber roof of #77.


The building was reduced to second floor level and our komatsu 290 was then brought to site to demolish the building down to the basement floor level which was to remain.
The party wall of #77 and #79 was originally to have a predesigned steel frame installed to ensure it remained structurally stable during both demolition works and building works.

During investigation works our structural engineer deemed the wall  structurally strong enough that the buildings could be demolished with no steel frame needed.
Instead we used Helifx ties to tie 77’s wall to 79’s, this not only saved time on the demolition programme but allowed the construction phase to be carried out without the previously envisaged steel frame causing obstruction or delay.


Once demolition down to basement was complete temporary props were installed to ensure the boundary walls below ground level remain stable until new steel works were put in place.


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