Demolition project for RGB Group at Point A Hotel in  Kensington and Chelsea, within a busy residential area this property presented heritage issues to consider when planning the works in order to maintain the façade.

Aspect Four in dealing with the specifc requirements set by the client ensured that the façade remained intact in both the demolition and the future development phases. This was achieved by creating a bespoke steel frame to support the façade that was fxed to the adjacent buildings while conveyor belts were employed to remove waste.

Because of the location and restricted access for wagons, all materials were brought down to 1st floor level manually.
All arising materials from strip out (floor boards, joists, windows, door frames etc) where stored on a gantry scaffold, a wait and load 40 yard bin would then be brought to the loading bay parallel to the gantry and loaded by hand.

All hardcore was removed from all floors conveyer belts. First they were manually loaded onto a conveyer which fed a scaffold rubble chute into the rear garden of the building until a stockpiled was formed. It was then loaded onto a second conveyer with a 3t excavator. Multiple conveyers fed the hardcore through the building, over the gantry scaffold and into a waiting 8 wheel tipper wagon.



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