Demolition of a three-storey building down to basement for a mixed commercial and residential development.

Work Specifcation:
• To set up a part retention of the building using bespoke retention frames on a weak party wall
• Non-notifable Asbestos Removal
• Installation of scaffolding to front and sides elevations
• Soft Strip and roof removal of
soft furnishings and fxtures and fttings/floor coverings
• Structural Demolition on a floor by floor basis down to basement level

Due to the nature of the previous business in the property, internal and underground tanks had to be removed, including all drainage. The full demolition of the property was a complete success and carried out within good time.

• Installation of bespoke frames while taking consideration of the environment
• To limit and mitigate the noise and vibration that could affect neighbours and pedestrians
• To focus on non-mechanical demolition and put together a plan for disposal that would cause the least disruption possible

 Works were complete before the scheduled date without any issues raised by the residents or public.


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