Magnet Pub - Park Royal

Aspect Four Demolition Services were contracted by RGB group for works in Park Royal at the former Magnet Pub.

The site was in an area that provided a challenge in terms of the limited space available to manoeuvre the machinery and equipment. This had an added impact on additional works, such as groundworks and pilling, making good coordination between our personnel and contractors crucial to the success of the project.

The property itself had a large basement that extended beyond the building structure. A high- reach excavator was employed in order to safely carry out the removal of the top two levels of the building. We erected extra temporary steelworks to ensure the façade remained stable and undamaged by the demolition works.

The roof needed to be manually removed, and extra care was required as the structure of the roof was connected to both the façade and the party wall.

Due to the location of the property, acute care and attention were needed in respect of the proximity of the residential occupants next door. With service feeds running from the building to theirs, we needed to ensure that all connections remained intact and undisturbed. Noise, dust and vibration monitoring were maintained throughout the works to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding residents. The roads directly surrounding the site were constantly maintained by road cleaners/sweepers to ensure they were kept clean for other road users and residents.

Magnet Pub - Park Royal

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