Laleham Gap School - Ramsgate


Aspect Four was  contracted by McCullochs to conduct demolition, soft-strip and asbestos removal works.


Once the soft-strip operations to the ancillary buildings and main school buildings had been completed, the next phase included stripping off all accessible roof tiles from both buildings. This operation was carried out utilising an all-terrain telehandler fitted with a purpose-manufactured man-cage. A lifeline was utilised on the roof; staff working on the roof wore a full-body safety harness, and a 2-meter lanyard was attached at all times to the safety lifeline.

The tile removal operation was carried out in conjunction with the attendance of the BAT ecologist, who was present on site to carry out primary investigations to lower buildings and outbuildings.

Tiles were stripped in sequence and brought down using the man-cage to ground level where they were removed and loaded onto the transport lorry. Roof tiles were recycled where possible.

Work proceeded from the eastern elevation towards the Western aspect of the building using  2 x 30t demolition excavators, one fitted with a selector grab and the other fitted with a demolition bucket. The top section of the property was pulled inwards using the rotating grab, allowing the arisings to fall within the demolition zone.

The side walls were pulled inwards, working from the top down and ensuring at all times that the structural stability of the building was maintained.

On completion of the main demolition works, all slabs and foundations were removed and crushed on site, with all arisings to be recycled into 6F2 grade materials.

Utilising a 40t demolition spec excavator fitted with a long arm and rotating grab, the remainder of the roof structure was carefully pulled off in a controlled operation and set aside for processing; all processing was carried out utilising a 29t 360 excavator.

Laleham Gap School – Ramsgate

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