Ladderswood Estate - new southgate

Enfield Council planned the regeneration of the Ladderswood Estate in New Southgate. The develop-ment was to replace outdated properties wth 517 new homes, commercial units, a community centre and a new 80-bedroom hotel, providing employment and training opportunities for people in the borough.

The first task was to remove any asbestos materials. Demolition followed, which included the industrial units and ground slabs and creating the foundations to a depth of 1m. During this process, dust and noise had to be monitored and controlled to keep neighbours and pedestrians safe.
The second phase of works included:

  • The removal of the podium structure (car park)
  • Structural demolition of Danford House (residential properties)

Waste was managed on-site and a specific area for waste segregation was set up. Trained operatives assisted in the separation of waste streams, with the correct machinery to ensure a maximum recycling rate.

Ladderswood Estate - new southgate

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