Gatwick Airport


Aspect Four Demolition was invited by Gatwick Airport to dismantle and remove out-dated walkways in time for the arrival of brand new ones. This task was part of a passenger improvement project for the airport.


We first set up our own exclusion zone within Volker Fitzpatrick’s site area for the delivery of plant and equipment. We sealed the passenger tunnels during the soft-strip and rubbish removal process so as to avoid insulation and other material blowing onto the airfield. All salvaged material and waste were removed from site.

ThyyssenKrupp (the makers of the walkways) had advised that no asbestos material would be present.

A Komatsu PC210LC-8 dismantled the walkways, operated by trained and qualified CCDO Operatives with a CCDO-trained and competent supervisor in attendance at all times.

Gatwick Airport

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