The Stanbridge Road communications base, which was renamed RAF Stanbridge after the war, burgeoned after its establishment as more agencies set up their operations– taking advantage of the world’s largest telephone and telegraph exchange which was staffed by more than 600 servicemen.

Due to Leighton Buzzard’s supposed insignificance to the enemy and distance from the coast the town became an ideal location for the setup, which attracted a dozen other operations engaging in defence and intelligence.

The base was protected by a sophisticated camouflage that could not be detected from the air, but as a failsafe a dummy station was erected nearby by Second City Films.

Q Central was also defended by anti-aircraft guns, with servicemen told to never to fire unless a direct assault occurred because it would alert the Germans to the fact there was something worth defending.

This has been a very exciting and interesting project for Aspect Four Demolition to complete.