Working Towards a Better Environment

Aspect Four Demolition Services recognises that focusing on environmental issues is an integral part of our business performance and we are committed to achieving continual and effective improvements while complying with legal requirements.

We recognise that our activities and services may directly impact on the natural, human and built environment as as a result it is company policy to minimise this impact and prevent pollution and work towards enhancing the environment.


We make a major contribution to sustainability and regeneration initiatives throughout the industry by reducing the amount of demolition waste going to landfill, prioritising working with zero to landfill waste management suppliers and maximising the percentage of materials recycled from demolition projects: metal, plastic, polystyrene, green waste.
Currently our minimum recycle level is 85% as we continue to work towards 100%

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Prioritise local businesses. The hire and purchase of low emission vehicles.
Cost effective and environmentally friendly routes calculated in advance.
Plant, tools and vehicles maintaned to ensure health and safety levels are met with the minimal consumption of fuel and tyre.
The use of an online tracking systems using satellite communication are in place to track, advise and monitor
the use of vehicles and plant owned by the company with impact in fuel and tire consumption and Co2 emission.


We understand that water is a finite and irreplaceable resource and with that in mind we put measures in place to limit the amount we use.
Water is limited in our welfare units just to cover the essentials for health and safety and limited to a calculated level for dust suppression across all our sites. We try to ensure that the amount used is the minimum necessary for the works.


COSHH assessment will be carried out for dust, noise, oil and petrol prior to the works commencing. Assessments will be undertaken throughout the works
by the Supervisor in charge to ensure all aspects are planned to minimise production and consumption.
The measures in place are important to us, any incidents and all records are sent to the office for analysis and investigation. All incidents or complaints
will be dealt will in a fast and diligent manner.

These are just a few of the policies we have in place.

For a copy of the full Environmental Policy or any other policy we have please click the button to send us a request.