St John's Hospital

St John's Hospital




St John's Hospital closed it's doors and moved all of it's services to the modern near-by Broomfield Hospital. The brownfield site had been earmarked by property developers Inland PLC to build 300 brand new homes.


  1. Complete site set-up including arranging for plant and equipment to be delivered. 
  2. Asbestos had been identified in a comprehensive Refurbishment & Demolition Survey and removed prior to the soft strip.
  3. Full soft strip the buildings prior to structural demolition.
  4. Controlled structural demolition of the buildings in accordance to the pre-agreed plan.

5. Once the structures were demolished, the ground slab (to a depth of 2m) and hard standings were lifted and crushed to the agreed specification on site along with the material arising from the demolition, for re-use on site.

6. The demolition was undertaken in a controlled manner, sympathetic to the fact that the site is situated on a busy highway, both with pedestrian and vehicle traffic and nearby neighbours in the form of residents and a local golf club.

7. Upon completion of the demolition works the site was left clean and tidy.

Quality Service

We pride ourselves on safe, competent and quality workmanship for all of our projects.

Health & Safety

Aspect Four Demolition is committed to going above and beyond the government standard of health and safety.

Completed - On Time

The whole project was completed on time to the agreed contract terms and to the satisfaction of the clients.

St John's Hospital

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