st johns hospital - chelmsford

  • Client: Linden Homes
  • Location: Chelmsford, Essex
  • Duration: 16 Weeks
  • Circa Cost: £


St John’s Hospital closed it’s doors and moved all of it’s services to the modern near-by Broomfield Hospital. The brownfield site had been earmarked by property developers Inland PLC to build 300 brand new homes.


Asbestos had been identified in a comprehensive Refurbishment & Demolition Survey and removed prior to the soft strip and structural demolition.

Once the structures were demolished, the ground slab (to a depth of 2m) and hard standings were lifted and crushed to the agreed specification on site along with the material arising from the demolition, for re-use on site.

The demolition was undertaken in a controlled manner, taking into account where it is situated on a busy highway, with pedestrian and vehicle traffic, nearby residents and a local golf club.

st johns hospital – chelmsford

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