Ashford Hospital

  • Client: Inland PLC
  • Location: Ashford, Kent
  • Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Circa Cost: £180,000


The west wing of Ashford hospital that had been relocated to a different venue by the NHS was purchased by Inland PLC to make way for a new housing plaza.


The west wing was still attached to the main hospital, as this was still in operation the services within the west wing had to be carefully disconnected from the main building. Major planning and consideration had to take place to shut down these services without ever affecting the main hospitals’ activities.

Underground service corridors linking the main hospital and the west wing had to be demolished making sure there were no trespassers and completely clear of personnel and equipment.

Extreme care was required when working adjacent to the main hospital, as dust from the demolition work could not enter the vents that lead to active operating theatres. With this in mind, noise and vibration had to be constantly and carefully monitored as any level could be damaging to patient welfare.

One of the last major considerations was the vicinity of the structure. The west wing was a multi-story building within two meters of a public highway where access was required 24 hours a day. Secure hoardings allowed for a safe transition allowing the public highway to be used at all times.

Ashford Hospital

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