Ashdon Road Commercial Centre

  • Client: Bloor Homes
  • Location: Saffron Walden
  • Duration:
  • Circa Cost: £


After previous demolition works Aspect Four Demolition Services were contracted by Bloor Homes to return to the site to remove roads without disturbing existing pipework.


Removal of roads with special measures taken for a section of road located on & near a existing high-pressure fuel pipe also putting measures in place to take into account other services that are located within the boundary of the site.

Trial pits were excavated so full CAT scans could be employed to determine the services in the area, these recordings conveyed to the excavation team the permitted areas to excavate.

A 30t Excavator was was used to pull out the slabs and place in a defined area to be taken away for crushing.
The machine was also used with a rotating mechanical grapple to remove posts out of the ground, negating the need for pneumatic breaking that ensured that only the depth of the post concrete was removed.

The slabs of concrete were removed from the pipe area, parts that could not be taken away were cut into with a Diamond cutter to no further than 300mm depth.

Ashdon Road Commercial Centre

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